Falcon 2019 is now deprecated. If you have an existing Falcon 2019 project we are still commited to support you. Please get in touch for more information.
Version: current

Project Overview

DEITY Falcon provides developers with a set of packages:

  • Development tools:
    • @deity/babel-preset-falcon-client
    • @deity/eslint-config-falcon
    • @deity/falcon-i18n-webpack-plugin
  • Client packages:
    • @deity/falcon-client
    • @deity/falcon-ecommerce-uikit
    • @deity/falcon-ui
    • @deity/falcon-theme-editor
    • @deity/falcon-i18n
  • Server packages:
    • @deity/falcon-server
    • @deity/falcon-server-env
    • @deity/falcon-blog-extension
    • @deity/falcon-shop-extension
    • @deity/falcon-magento2-api
    • @deity/falcon-wordpress-api
  • Common packages:
    • create-falcon-app
    • @deity/falcon-errors
    • @deity/falcon-logger

Ask the community. #help

If you can't find what you're looking for, the answer might be on our community slack channel. Our team keep a close eye on this and will usually get back to you within a few hours, if not straight away. If you haven't created an account yet please sign up here slack.deity.io.