Falcon 2019 is now deprecated. If you have an existing Falcon 2019 project we are still commited to support you. Please get in touch for more information.
Version: current

Working with flowcharts

We recommend using draw.io service while working with flowcharts.

Keep in mind, whenever you export your flowchart PNG file - make sure you have the following settings in your "export" window:

Draw.io export

This will provide a high resolution quality for the rendered images.

Flowchart files

Every flowchart file in Falcon Docs must be located in /img/opensource folder next to the rendered PNG file with the same filename (+ .xml extension). For example, /img/opensource/payment-workflow.png is a rendered image of /img/opensource/payment-workflow.xml flowchart file.

Make sure you always follow this convention and keep both files updated and tracked by GIT.


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