This is a cumulative list of frequent hurdles. We try to provide a descriptive solution and keep everything up-to-date.

When trying to connect to Magento, Falcon Server outputs: FalconServer: request failed, reason: connect ECONNREFUSED

Make sure you have your certificates set up properly. We recommend using mkcert

When trying to connect to Magento I'm getting Cache errors

Please flush the Magento Cache

Create-falcon-app throws an error: Unexpected token (

Please make sure you have Node version 8.10+

npx create-falcon-app generates outdated code for my shop

Make sure you don’t have create-falcon-app package installed globally on your machine (npm and yarn) - this is the recommended way since it makes sure you are always using the latest version when using the npx command

FalconServer: "apis" is not iterable

Make sure your Falcon-Server config is set properly read the documentation

Error: No category found with id = 25

Category 25 does not exist in your back-end. This category number is hard-coded in the Falcon demo application. It can be easily modified here

Ask the community. #help

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