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Version: 2

Menu Navbar with depth

By default the MenuNavbar renders up to 3 layers of navigation levels items who could be styled trough overriding styles.

Required dependencies


  • @deity/falcon-ui-kit@v2.7.22


  • demo-v1 - @deity/falcon-magento2-api@v2.7.22
  • demo-v2 - @deity/falcon-bigcommerce-api@v2.7.22

Example simple MenuNavbar#

The most basic implementation renders the multi level menu on all devices.


...import React from 'react';import { MenuQuery } from '@deity/falcon-shop-data';import { MenuNavbar } from '@deity/falcon-ui-kit';...export const MenuNavBar = () => {  return (    <MenuQuery>      {({ data: { menu } }) =>        <MenuNavbar items={menu} />      }    </MenuQuery>  );};

Exemple of navbar with sidebar support for mobile (demo-v2)#

You have full control how to deal with the navigation menu on different devices. To only show the MenuNavbar on larger screens dispay atributes could be used as follow.


import React from 'react';import { MenuQuery } from '@deity/falcon-shop-data';import { Button, Box, Text, Icon } from '@deity/falcon-ui';import { MenuNavbar } from '@deity/falcon-ui-kit';import { useSidebarContainer } from '@deity/falcon-front-kit';import { T, useI18n } from '@deity/falcon-i18n';import { SIDEBAR_TYPE } from 'src/components';import { WideWrapper } from '../WideWrapper';
export const MenuNavBar = () => {  const { t } = useI18n();  const sidebar = useSidebarContainer();
  return (    <WideWrapper>      // Don't render navbar on small screen, but show toggle button that      // triggers sidebar navigation      <Button        aria-label={t('navbar.openMobile')}        aria-controls={`sidebar-${}`}        onClick={() =>, undefined, 'left')}      >        <Icon src="menu"/>        <Text><T id="navbar.openMobile" /></Text>      </Button>            // Only display MenuNavbar on medium screens      <Box display={{ xs: 'none', md: 'block' }}>        <MenuQuery>{({ data: { menu } }) => <MenuNavbar items={menu} />}</MenuQuery>      </Box>    </WideWrapper>  );};

Customize MenuNavbar styling#

Trough the theme object styling can be overridden a follow; client/src/styling/theme.js

export const falconTheme = createTheme({  navbarItem: {    css: {      '> .themed-link': {        // Add underline link in navbar        textDecoration: 'underline',      },      '.themed-list-item > .themed-link': {        // Remove underline of second child layer and change color        textDecoration: 'none',      }    }  },  ...})

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