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Themed Components

@deity/falcon-ui UI components such as Box, Text etc are all built as themeable components.

This means they will accept props such as m for margin, and values from the theme such as xxs for spacing.


<Box py="xs">
Content here

To make your custom component 'themeable' you will need to use the themed function.


import { Box, themed } from '@deity/falcon-ui';
const MyComponentLayout = themed({
tag: Box,
defaultTheme: {
myComponentLayout: {
py: 'xs'
Content here

You will notice that we have suffixed the names with layout. This is a helpful convention to easily recognize when a component is a themed layout.

Changing the html element of a component#

If you want to change the html element of a themed component it's as simple as passing a prop (as).


<Box as="section">
Content here

This will render a <section> tag rather than a <div>.

Ask the community. #help

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