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Webpack / build config

You can extend your sites Webpack configuration in client/

This is an optional build-time configuration file which is used to set up the entire build process. Bellow, there is an example of file content with defaults:


module.exports = {
devServerPort: 3001,
clearConsole: true,
useWebmanifest: false,
i18n: {},
envToBuildIn: [],
plugins: [],
moduleOverride: {}
  • devServerPort: number - (default: 3001) webpack dev server (HMR) port
  • clearConsole: boolean - (default: true) determines whether console should be cleared when starting script
  • useWebmanifest: boolean - (default: false) determines whether Web App Manifest should be processed via webpack and included in output bundle
  • i18n: object - (default: {}) internationalization configuration, see the details
  • envToBuildIn - (default: []) an array of environment variable names which should be build in into bundle, see the details
  • plugins - (default: []) an array of plugins which can modify underlying webpack configuration.
  • moduleOverride - (default: {}) array of module names to override, see the details

Falcon Client provides you much more build configuration options. You can find all of them described in Build process configuration section.

Build process configuration#

Falcon Client comes with all necessary features and development tools turned on by default:

  • Universal HMR - page auto-reload if you make edits (on both backend and frontend)
  • Latest JavaScript achieved via babel 7 compiler.
  • ESLint with Prettier - to keep your code base clean and consistent
  • Jest test runner setup with sensible defaults.

However, you can still modify Falcon Client defaults


Checkout out our cookbook for examples of changing the build process.

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