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CLI Reference

Build List#

List your current builds.

dcloud build:list


  • -l <limit> Limit the results
  • -p <page> Which page of results to show

Example: show 30 results

dcloud build:list -l 30

Build Info#

Get information on a build.

dcloud build [id]


  • -w Watch a build (if it's not finished)
  • -o Show build output to the console

Example: Watch the build with id 20

dcloud build 20 -w

Deployment List#

List your deployments

dcloud deployment:list


  • -l <limit> Limit the results
  • -p <page> Which page of results to show

Deployment Info#

Get information on a deployment.

dcloud deployment [id]


  • -w Watch a deployment (if it's not finished)
  • -o Show deployment output to the console


Deploy a build

dcloud deployment:run [buildId] [environmentName]


  • -y Auto-confirm the deployment process. Useful if you're not deploying manually.

Example: Deploy build 20 to the development environment

dcloud deployment:run 20 development

Environments List#

List all available environments

dcloud env:list

Options N/A

Environment Info#

Get info on a specific environment

dcloud env <env>

Options N/A

Environment Deployments#

Get deployments for an environment

dcloud env:deployments <env>


  • -l <limit> Limit the results
  • -p <page> Which page of results to show

Environment Variable#

Set a variable on an environment

dcloud env:var:set <env> <name> [value]


  • -s or --secret encrypt the variable being set

Environment Set Domain#

Set the domain for an environment

dcloud env:domain:set <env> [domainName]

Options N/A

Environment Variables Apply#

Apply environment variable changes without redeploying your app.

dcloud env:var:apply ENV_NAME

Options N/A

Repositories List#

Get a list of your current/active repositories

dcloud repo


  • -i Show setup instructions for each repository

Project Info#

Get your project information

dcloud project <name>

Options N/A

Projects List#

Get a list of your projects

dcloud project:list

Options N/A

Project Current#

Get the current project

dcloud project:current

Options N/A

Project Set Current#

Set a project as current

dcloud project:current:set <name>

Options N/A



This is deprecated, please use Login with Token to log in. Existing users will be promted to migrate to using a token for logging in.

Logs into DEITY Falcon Cloud using credentials. If credentials aren't passed you will be prompted to add them.

dcloud login [email] [password]

Options N/A

Login with token#

Logs into DEITY Falcon Cloud using a token. If a token isn't passed you will be prompted to add one.

dcloud login:token [token]

Options N/A


Logs the current user out

dcloud logout

Options N/A

Who am I#

Get the current logged in user

dcloud whoami

Options N/A

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