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Falcon Client Configuration

Configs are stored as an object in Apollo State.

config has no schema meaning you can add anything you like.

Google Analytics Example#

This example shows how to retrieve and use these configs in your components.


config @client {
googleAnalytics {

We pass our query to withApollo to access configs. This passes client as a prop:

const { client } = props;

This can then be used to query the Apollo stateL

const { config } = client.readQuery({ query: ANALYTICS }) || {};

See the full example component

import React from 'react';
import { withApollo } from '@apollo/react-hoc';
import GAnalytics from 'ganalytics';
import { ANALYTICS } from '../graphql/analytics.gql';
let ga = null;
export default WrappedComponent => {
const WithAnalytics = props => {
if (process.browser && !ga) {
const { client } = props;
const { config } = client.readQuery({ query: ANALYTICS }) || {};
const { googleAnalytics } = config || {};
const { trackerID } = googleAnalytics || {};
if (trackerID) {
ga = new GAnalytics(trackerID, {}, true);
return <WrappedComponent {...props} ga={ga} />;
return withApollo(WithAnalytics);

This same principle can used for all client configs.

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