Adding your NPM auth token

In order to be able to get access to the Falcon Platform packages, you will need to connect to our private npm registry.

You can do this using an authorisation token. You can get this from your admin panel or by contacting us.

To set up your token please follow these steps:

  1. Log in into (you can use any email) using credentials provided by DEITY:
npm login --registry= --scope=@deity
  1. Your ~/.npmrc file should contain your auth token.


Using Deity Cloud?

If you're using Deity Cloud and are logged into dcloud you can run dcloud project:npm-token to get your NPM token.

  1. To let Falcon Cloud use your NPM token for the deployments and keep your token outside of GIT, run the following command in your terminal.
dcloud build:var NPM_TOKEN "<YOUR_TOKEN>"
  1. To use the dcloud build variable, add a .npmrc file to the root folder of your project application (e.g. client/.npmrc and server/.npmrc) with the following content:

Ask the community. #help

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