Code repository

Our cloud platform will need access to your code repository. We use an SSH key for access and web hooks to allow us to watch for code changes.

We currently support GitHub, BitBucket or GitLab.

We'll only need read access to your repo.

Getting your details

You can get your SSH key and web hook details 2 ways.

1. Admin Panel

If you're using our BigCommerce integration your details these details can be found there.

2. Using DCloud

DCloud is our CLI tool that is used to help you manage your deployments and environments. Your SSH key and web hook details can be found here.

Simply run the following command from a terminal window when logged into dcloud:

dcloud repo -i


Adding an SSH Key

  • Go to<accountName>/<repoName>/settings/keys/new
  • Add your key

GitHub SSH access

Adding a web hook

  • Go to<accountName>/<repoName>/settings/hooks/new
  • Add the webhook provided by dcloud repo:list -i.

GitHub WebHook


Adding an SSH Key

  • Go to<accountName>/<repoName>/admin/access-keys/
  • Add your key

BitBucket SSH access - add

Adding a web hook

Coming soon


Adding an SSH Key

  • Go to<accountName>/<repoName>/-/settings/repository
  • Open the Deploy keys section
  • Add your key

GitLab SSH access

Adding a web hook

Coming soon

Setup Complete

That's everything done. You're now ready to start using Deity Cloud. View the full list of dcloud commands.

Next step, deploy your code.

Ask the community. #help

If you can't find what you're looking for, the answer might be on our community slack channel. Our team keep a close eye on this and will usually get back to you within a few hours, if not straight away. If you haven't created an account yet please sign up here