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Getting Started


Before you get started you'll need a BigCommerce store and have access to the admin panel.

1. Install our app#

BigCommerce app

The first thing you'll need to do is visit the BigCommerce App Store and download our app.

2. Setup our app#

Once you've added our app you can configure it. From the BigCommerce admin panel visit the Apps -> My Apps section and select the Falcon PWA app.

Once you're viewing the app click install.

BigCommerce app setup

i. Permissions#

BigCommerce permissions screen

Our app will need to have access to some areas of your store to work. You'll need to agree to this to continue.

ii. Start your DEITY Falcon account setup#

Once you've agreed to allow our app the BigCommerce permissions it needs you be show a splash screen allowing you to view a demo store** so you can get to know Falcon Platform a little better. You'll also be giving the option to 'Get DEITY Falcon'. Click that to continue with your setup.

The next steps will take you through creating an account with us.

Falcon Platform splash screen

iii. Choose your plan#

We offer various price plans, once you've chosen the plan that's right for you, you can continue to add your company / personal details.

Falcon Platform price plans

iiii. Add your personal details#

You'll now be given the option to add your personal details, we'll use these as part of your invoice.

Falcon Platform personal details

v. Adding Payment Details#

The final step of your account setup is adding your payment details.

Falcon Platform payment details

If setup is successful a BigCommerce token will be generated and you'll be shown your BigCommerce / Falcon Platform dashboard.

BigCommerce Token Generation

3. Your dashboard.#

You'll be able to manage your Falcon Platform account from within your BigCommerce admin panel.

BigCommerce admin panel

From here you'll be able to change personal detail, subscription and payment information and link your site to a live URL (Custom URLs are not available for sandbox accounts).

When you load up your dashboard you'll see a link to your new Falcon PWA store.

BigCommerce admin panel
New account?

If you've just set up your account it might take a few minutes before your site is available.

4. Connecting your code repository#

Your site will be currently setup using our example app.

If you don't already have an Falcon Client app in a code repository you'll need to create one [link here].

You repository should have the client folder in its root directory.

Do you have an Enterprise account?

If you have an Enterprise account your Falcon Server instance should also be in the same code repository. with client and server directories in the root.

i. Accessing our NPM packages#

To access our private packages you'll need to use your NPM Token and NPM Username, this can be found from the Falcon Client tab.

You can log into to view these pacakges.

To have access to the packages for local development you can follow these steps.

BigCommerce admin panel - NPM token

ii. Create your app#

Once you have access to our packages you'll be able to create your app using npx @deity/create-falcon-app --example demo-v2 [YOUR_DIRECTORY_NAME]. For more information about creating an app follow these instructions.

iii. Connect your app#

The last step is to connect your app so it's being used by your Falcon Cloud account. If you visit the the Falcon Client tab you'll see information about Authorising Cloud to have access to your repository and adding a Webhook so cloud can listen for changes (so your Cloud instance knows when you push code).

You can see detailed docs for this step here.

5. Local development#

When developing your app locally you'll want to connect your Falcon Client app to Falcon Server, which in turn will connect to BigCommerce.

This can be done by adding your Falcon Server credentials to your client/config/local.json file. You can find out more about configurations here.

Add the following code to your local.json file, replacing [YOUR_SITE_URL] with your site URL.

"graphqlUrl": "[YOUR_SITE_URL]/graphql",

6. Falcon Cloud + Deployments#

Falcon Cloud comes as part of Falcon Platform and is where your site is hosted. To manage deployments you can use our DCloud CLI tool. You'll need an access token to log into using DCloud. This can be found in the Falcon Server tab.

BigCommerce admin panel - falcon server tab

7. Adding integrations#

If you want to add other integrations such as Algolia or Wordpress information can be found in the integrations tab.

**Demo Store#

This demo store will NOT pull in your products at this stage and should only be used as a reference to the features available. From here you'll be able to chat to our support team if you have any questions.

Ask the community. #help

If you can't find what you're looking for, the answer might be on our community slack channel. Our team keep a close eye on this and will usually get back to you within a few hours, if not straight away. If you haven't created an account yet please sign up here

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