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Version: Platform (v2)

Magento 2 Integration

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Falcon Platform provides the best front-end experiences for Magento 2 platform.

We support magento >= 2.3

Falcon magento module is required to run with Falcon Platform. Magento module is based on core REST API of Magento platform.

Supported Features

We have covered all features essential for customer shopping and we keep improving our feature coverage over time. cover every feature.


  • Cms pages
  • Cms blocks
  • Top navigation menu
  • Newsletter support
  • Multiple stores support (multilanguage support)
  • Multiple currency support

Catalog / Product list

  • Layered navigation
  • Product lazy load
  • Sorting
  • Supported product types: simple, configurable
  • Catalog price rules
  • Tier prices

Catalog / Product Detail Page

  • Product images & gallery
  • Tier prices
  • Sale Prices
  • Configurable product: swatches


  • Login
  • Register
  • Reset Password
  • Address Book
  • Customer Dashboard
  • Account Details
  • Orders


  • Add / Remove / Update Items
  • Add / Remove Coupons


  • Guest / Customer Checkout
  • Adding new address / reusing existing ones
  • Shipping methods
  • Various payment methods
  • Gift cards support
  • Deity payment portal (Paypal, Mollie, Stripe)


  • Canonical URLs
  • Url rewrites
  • Product / Category meta attributes

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