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Version: Platform (v2)

Wordpress Integration

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Our Wordpress integration comes with both our examples apps, demo-v1 and demo-v2.

It works using our Wordpress Plugin to extend and add API endpoints.

Wordpress Admin

Supported Features

Using demo-v1 we have full support (including components and routes) for the following features:

  • Blog Posts
  • Blog Categories
  • Pages

See our demo.

Getting Started

1. Prerequisites

You must have a wordpress instance up and running.

2. Install our plugin

Now you must install our Wordpress Plugin. If you download the code into your plugins directory you should then be able to activate it in the admin.

Wordpress Admin

If it's working you should see our handy 'Clean API cache' button in your admin panel.

3. Create your Falcon app

Using create-falcon-app you now need to create a falcon instance. We recommend using demo-v2 as a starting point.

4. Add your Wordpress configuration

All you need to do is add your sites URL and you're away.

"apis": {
"wordpress": {
"config": {

Deity Cloud Environment Variables

  • WORDPRESS_API_HOST - defaults to our demo instance
  • WORDPRESS_API_PROTOCOL - defaults to https
  • WORDPRESS_API_PREFIX - defaults to /wp-json/wp/v2

5. Finished

That's it. If you're using our example app (demo-v2) then you should see your latest posts appear on your Falcon Platform apps homepage.

Ask the community. #help

If you can't find what you're looking for, the answer might be on our community slack channel. Our team keep a close eye on this and will usually get back to you within a few hours, if not straight away. If you haven't created an account yet please sign up here

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