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Falcon Payments

Falcon Payments package is designed to make integrating with new payment providers clear and simple.

We currenlty have integrations with Mollie & Stripe, more integrations will be added soon.

Falcon Payment providers diagram

Payment Flow Overview

  1. PSP Account / API keys created
  2. Falcon Server Payment provider created and configured in Falcon config files.
  3. Falcon Client Customer goes to payment method selection
  4. Falcon Server `getMethodList` triggered and returns list of methods
  5. Falcon Client Method selected
  6. Falcon Client Client side component initiated
  7. Falcon Server Triggers `loadMethod` method in payment provider. Authentication requested
  8. PSP Token / Auth info returned
  9. Falcon Server PSP auth pushed to client side component
  10. Falcon Client User triggers payment (fills in form and submits)
  11. Falcon Server Triggers `validate` method in payment provider
  12. PSP Payment handled
  13. Falcon Server Payment response handled (either as success or returns a redirect link (used for 3D secure etc))

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