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Payment service providers (PSPs) all handle payments in different ways meaning every integration will be a little different. Because of this @deity/falcon-payments tries to be as indiscriminate as possible.

There are 3 main parts involved in the payment process:

  • A PSP registered in your server config
  • A Payment UI that is mapped to a provider
  • PSP API (Stripe, Braintree, PayPal etc.)

Payment Flow Steps

  1. PSP Account / API keys created
  2. Falcon Server Payment provider created and configured in config files.
  3. Falcon Client Client side UI component created (payment form)
  4. Falcon Client Client side component mapped to provider
  5. Falcon Client Client side component initiated
  6. Falcon Server Triggers `initiate` method in payment provider. Authentication requested
  7. PSP Token / Auth info returned
  8. Falcon Server PSP auth pushed to client side component
  9. Falcon Client User triggers payment (fills in form and submits)
  10. Falcon Server Triggers `validate` method in payment provider
  11. PSP Payment handled
  12. Falcon Server Payment response handled

Payment Flow Diagram

This is a general overview of how payments work in the Falcon Platform checkout. All payment service providers are different, as are all implementations so this may vary slightly for you.

Payment flow diagram


This example contains a step by step guide to adding a new payment method.

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