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Version: Platform (v2019)

Magento 2 Module

Getting Started

Install and configure your Magento 2 shop to proceed with Deity Module installation


DEITY Magento module is compatible with Magento version 2.2+ CE and EE versions. Full scale support of versions 2.0. and 2.1. is not our priority. However if you encounter an issue running with Magento version lower than 2.2 feel free to open an issue or reach out to our support channel.


Installing DEITY Magento 2 Module is similar to installing any module for the Magento 2 platform

composer require deity/falcon-magento ^5.1.0
bin/magento setup:upgrade

Configure Magento to use web-server rewrites. You can do it from Magento admin in Configuration->General->Web->Search Engine Optimization. Or by running this command:

bin/magento config:set web/seo/use_rewrites 1

Clean Magento cache for changes to take effect.

Configure Falcon server URL in Magento admin

On Magento configuration page (Stores->Configuration) go to Services->Falcon section.

Here you should configure:

  1. Falcon frontend url - base url of your falcon-driven website. It is used by API's that feed content with url's for proper url replacement.
  2. Url to flush cache on Falcon Server - Magento will call this URL to flush falcon cache.

Note: You can configure this URL via Falcon-Server config

Connect Falcon to your Magento instance with admin token

To connect Magento using admin token create one extra Magento admin user for DEITY Falcon to connect. This user exists purely for the API.

bin/magento admin:user:create \
--admin-user='your-admin-username' \
--admin-password='your-admin-password' \
--admin-email='admin@deity.test' \
--admin-firstname='your-admin-username' \

Configure Falcon Server to connect to your Magento instance. You can do so by changing your Falcon-Server config.

Note: Use your API admin user credentials that you've just created here

"apis": {
"api-magento2": {
"package": "@deity/falcon-magento2-api",
"config": {
"host": "your-magento-host-url-here",
"protocol": "https",
"auth": {
"type": "admin-token",
"username": "your-admin-username",
"password": "your-admin-password"
Connect Falcon to Magento through oAuth

To connect through oAuth you need to create a new Magento integration:

  • sign in to Magento Admin panel
  • go to System / Extensions / Integrations and press Add new Integration)
  • Fill in the Name and go to API tab, set Resource Access to Custom and check the following permissions in the list below:
    • Sales
    • Catalog
    • Stores -> Settings -> All stores
    • Global Search
  • Activate an integration, grab all Integration Tokens and update Falcon-Server apis.magento2.config.auth config section:
"auth": {
"type": "integration-token",
"consumerKey": "your-customer-key",
"consumerSecret": "your-customer-secret",
"accessToken": "your-access-token",
"accessTokenSecret": "your-access-token-secret"

Please be aware that Magento performance depends heavily on which mode it is running in, developer mode will negatively impact performance. Also remember to follow Magento's best practices.

Elements introduced to Magento by this module

Custom REST API endpoints provided by this module:


  • [GET] /V1/falcon/urls - Url resolver. Provides info about entity behind the url or error if URL does not exist in Magento.
  • [GET] /V1/falcon/menus - Get items for top navigation menu.


  • [GET] /V1/falcon/cms/blocks/:identifier - Provides the content of Cms block.
  • [GET] /V1/falcon/cms/pages/:pageId - Provides the content and meta data of Cms Page.


  • [GET] /V1/falcon/breadcrumbs - Get list of breadcrumbs for given url.
  • [GET] /V1/falcon/categories/:categoryId/products - Get product and filters data for given category id. Can be used to provide filtered or sorted content.


  • [POST] /V1/falcon/carts/mine/save-payment-information-and-order - Save payment information and place order for customer.
  • [POST] /V1/falcon/guest-carts/:cartId/save-payment-information-and-order - Save payment information and place order for guest.
  • [PUT] /V1/falcon/carts/mine/place-order - Place order for customer.
  • [PUT] /V1/falcon/guest-carts/:cartId/place-order - Place order for guest.
  • [POST] /V1/falcon/carts/mine - Get existing or create customer cart id.


  • [PUT] /V1/falcon/customers/password/reset - Reset password API.
  • [GET] /V1/falcon/customers/me/address/ - Get list of customer addresses.
  • [GET] /V1/falcon/customers/me/address/:addressId - Get customer address info.
  • [POST] /V1/falcon/customers/me/address - Create customer address.
  • [PUT] /V1/falcon/customers/me/address - Updated customer address.
  • [DELETE] /V1/falcon/customers/me/address/:addressId - Delete customer address.
  • [PUT] /V1/falcon/customers/me/newsletter/subscribe - Subscribe customer to newsletter.
  • [PUT] /V1/falcon/customers/me/newsletter/unsubscribe - Unsubscribe customer from newsletter.


  • [GET] /V1/falcon/guest-carts/:cartId/paypal-express-fetch-token - Get paypal token for guest.
  • [GET] /V1/falcon/carts/mine/paypal-express-fetch-token - Get paypal token for customer.
  • [GET] /V1/falcon/guest-carts/:cartId/paypal-express-return - 3d secure success return API for guest.
  • [GET] /V1/falcon/carts/mine/paypal-express-return - 3d secure success return API for customer.
  • [GET] /V1/falcon/guest-carts/:cartId/paypal-express-cancel - 3d secure cancel return API for guest.
  • [GET] /V1/falcon/carts/mine/paypal-express-cancel - 3d secure cancel return API for customer.


  • [GET] /V1/falcon/orders/mine - Get customer orders.
  • [GET] /V1/falcon/orders/:orderId/order-info - Get customer order info.
  • [GET] /V1/falcon/guest-orders/:orderId/order-info - Get guest order info.

Extension attributes:

  • Magento\Bundle\Api\Data\LinkInterface:
    "name": "string",
    "catalog_display_price": "string"
  • Magento\Catalog\Api\Data\ProductInterface:
    "thumbnail_resized_url": "string",
    "thumbnail_url": "string",
    "media_gallery_sizes": "Deity\MagentoApi\Api\Data\GalleryMediaEntrySizeInterface[]",
    "catalog_display_price": "float",
    "min_price": "float",
    "max_price": "float"
  • Magento\Customer\Api\Data\CustomerInterface:
    "newsletter_subscriber": "bool"
  • Magento\Sales\Api\Data\OrderInterface:
    "currency": "string",
    "masked_id": "string",
    "shipping_address": "MagentoSalesApiDataOrderAddressInterface"
  • Magento\Sales\Api\Data\OrderItemInterface:
    "currency": "string",
    "display_price": "string",
    "link": "string",
    "row_total_incl_tax": "string",
    "thumbnail_url": "string",
    "url_key": "string",
    "options": "string"
  • Magento\Store\Api\Data\StoreConfigInterface:
    "optional_post_codes": "mixed",
    "min_password_length": "int",
    "min_password_char_class": "int",
    "api_version": "string",
    "customer_token_lifetime": "int",
    "admin_token_lifetime": "int"
  • Magento\Store\Api\Data\StoreInterface:
    "is_active": "int"
  • Magento\Quote\Api\Data\TotalsItemInterface:
    "thumbnail_url": "string",
    "url_key": "string",
    "available_qty": "string"

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