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Version: Platform (v2019)


DEITY Falcon provides support for different Shop Payment methods, the overall schema is shown on the image below:

Payment Flow

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If you would like to contribute and make your own changes to this flowchart - please check Working with flowcharts page first.

The required GraphQL schema is being provided by shop-extension itself, meaning that your ApiDataSource that is assigned to ShopExtension has to take care of all payment-related operations.

Placing an order

Whenever a visitor clicks on "Place order" button - the GraphQL Mutation request goes to your ApiDataSource instance (usually it's a placeOrder method) to submit your order (including your "payment" data as a part of the Mutation input) to the real shop backend (like Magento).

Initial order placement on the backend

Please be aware that in some cases there might be several API requests needed to perform a complete order placement, but from the GraphQL (Falcon-Server) perspective - it's still a single mutation, thus your placeOrder Mutation has to return one of the following result types:

  • PlaceOrderSuccessfulResult when the order was successfully placed for further processing and your ApiDataSource returns orderId and orderRealId as a Mutation result
  • PlaceOrder3dSecureResult when the payment requires additional validation/check from the Payment Gateway, in this case - ApiDataSource returns a URL (where to redirect to), HTTP Method (GET/POST) and an optional list of POST fields (in case of POST redirection) to be submitted to the specified URL

Initial order placement on the frontend

Frontend behaves differently depending on the received result.

In case of PlaceOrderSuccessfulResult - it redirects you to /checkout/confirmation page to show the confirmation to your visitor (orderId is going to be passed to lastOrder Query to get the contents of that order).

In case of PlaceOrder3dSecureResult - it redirects you to the returned url (external Payment Gateway) to proceed with the required checks and validations to verify your payment (like 3d-secure bank card payments or PayPal log-in page).

Payment Gateway callback

After getting a PlaceOrder3dSecureResult result, visitor is going to be redirected to the Payment Gateway URL to proceed with the checks. It's important to keep the visitor within the same app - Falcon-Client, so any further "return callbacks" must be done to this app domain. This means that our Falcon-Client application must be able to process such callback requests and for this reason - we use endpoints feature (Proxy Manager in the diagram above) to proxy the whole callback request from Falcon-Client to Falcon-Server and further to the actual shop backend.

DEITY Falcon provides such endpoints for @deity/falcon-magento2-api package out-of-the-box to support PayPal and Adyen callback).

Whenever Falcon-Server starts - it initializes all configured endpoints and exposes them via web-server router to be publicly accessible. Later, whenever Falcon-Client starts with a properly configured onRouterCreated hook - it fetches all the exposed endpoints that are needed to be proxied from the "frontend" to the "backend" and exposes them in the same way.

So, whenever our visitor "comes back" from the Payment Gateway back to our Falcon-Client with a payload response - our Falcon-Client application is able to process the request and return a result status back to the visitor.

Callback result check

The result of such "request proxy" is being returned from our Falcon-Server endpoint to the Falcon-Client with a specific status. Based on that result - the visitor can be redirected to 3 options:

  • /checkout/confirmation in case of a successful payment
  • /checkout/failure if for some reason the payment transaction cannot be completed
  • /cart in case of "canceled" transaction

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