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Link your repository

Now that you’ve created a new Deity template app on your local machine, you can push this to your repository of choice. We currently support GitHub, GitLab and Bitbucket.

Setting up for the first time

To link your repository to the Deity platform and enable automatic build creation, you’ll need to configure read access on the repository, and a webhook to notify Deity about Git push events.

  1. Navigate to the Git repository page of your codebase settings in the console. Copy the SSH key, and add it as a read-only deploy key to your repository.

  2. Next up, you’ll want to copy the webhook URL. Add it to your repository, set the content type to application/json and select the git push event to trigger the webhook.

  3. You can test if the configuration was successful by pushing your code to the repository. You should see your repository name appear in the console, as well as a new build.