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Deity comes with a highly engaging PWA out of the box that is not only web-based, but fully supports native storefronts (iOS and Google). Create multiple sales channels from one codebase while massively reducing maintenance costs and beneft from best of both worlds.

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Key concepts

Storefront serves as your PWA theme and more.

Getting started

Storefront is included in the Deity Platform.


Learn by doing by following practical tutorials.

Learn the basics

Building an app

CLI commands




Creating themes View all →


CSS mapping

Themed components

Custom fonts

Building experiences View all →

Menu navbar

Overriding components


Meta data

Advanced features

Data management

This page covers how to query and update data.

Local state management

This page covers how to manage your local (client-side) state.

Internationalization & translations

Internationalization is based on i18next.

Code splitting

This feature splits your code into various bundles which are loaded on demand.