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Key concepts of PWA & Native Storefronts

Deity commerce platform comes with highly engaging PWA and native storefronts to deliver excellent experiences your customers expect.

The benefits of PWA and native apps combined

Keep your customers happy with a blazingly fast omnichannel strategy and zero downtime. Use one codebase for both web and native apps to offer unified digital experiences.

Increase engagement and conversions

Increase performance with PWA technology for excellent digital experiences. Benefit from ultra-fast loading, offline mode, instant updates, push notifications, add to home screen and more.

Localize your global ecommerce

Utilize multi x functionality and customize each storefront for localized customer experiences. Create multiple sales channels, use local currencies, and select preferred payment methods.

Unify your commerce

Use one codebase for both web and app to build unified digital experiences and increase developer efficiency. Bring your PWA to all relevant app stores, including iOS and Google Play Store.

How it works

Storefront concept

PWA and native apps combined

Take advantage of intelligent tooling between the frontends and stack of vendors to truly compose your digital experiences.

Deliver on your brand promise with a unified experience for web and app.

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3 Starter templates included

Let’s create a Deity template application, just select one of the three templates.

Single page application

A web application with the looks, feels and functions of a native app.

Available in all app stores

Introduce your PWA as native app in all relevant app stores, including iOS.

UI & functional components

Use our out-of-the-box and proven components to save months of development time.


Serve your customers with cached content when possible to boost site speed.

Vanguard technology

Stay cutting edge with the best technologies out there, like GraphQL and React.

GraphQL data management

Use Apollo client to query and update data from and to Deity Composer.

Server side rendering

Let search engines read your content and massively improve SEO results.