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Key concepts of Commerce Composer

Achieve complete freedom and flexibility to adopt a best of breed approach with Deity’s unique Commerce Composer. Use our out-of-the-box integrations and connect custom services, tailored to your needs.

The benefits of using Deity

Truly compose your ecommerce with a solid and flexible foundation. Integrate any API-based service without adding complexity or disrupting your current setup. We provide the connections.

Make systems talk

Let platforms and services work together without the need of direct integrations between them. Deity’s composer makes sure the connections are there.

Continuity of business processes

Ensure continuity of existing business processes with modern, cloud-native solutions that interface with legacy environments.

Utilize intelligent tooling

Take advantage of intelligent tooling between the frontends and stack of vendors to truly compose your digital experiences.

How it works

Platform concept

Compose your ecommerce

Commerce Composer splits your commerce into domain-specific modules, such as customer, product and check-out.

Pick the integrations you want, integrate with other external services, and customize and extend these to fit your needs.

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Inversion of control

Developers have much more control over extensions.


Commerce Composer provides several ways of working with cache.

Dynamic route resolver

Handle dynamic route resolution for incoming client requests.


We provide a base schema that defines data types, queries and mutations.

Data sources

Data sources are used to fetch data from all the back-ends.

Event handlers

Commerce Composer uses asynchronous events to notify about internal processes.

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A module is a package that contains implementations of all the pieces.


Connect your ecommerce platform with Deity’s Commerce Composer.