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Start developing your project

Once you have completed the set-up of your Deity account, you will see a list of projects to choose from, or you will directly see the specific project dashboard you have been granted access to.

Steps to take

Now that you have a basic understanding of how projects are organised, you can start building your digital experiences with the Commerce Composer and additional Deity building blocks.

Please follow these three simple steps to connect your codebase with the selected Deity project and Deity Cloud powered CI/CD pipeline.

Access npm packages

Get all the necessary Deity packages.

Create application

Create your first Deity application.

Link repository

Link your codebase to Deity Cloud.

Want to know more about Deity Cloud?

Deity Cloud is an infrastructure that allows you to host your Deity codebase. The infrastructure will scale automatically depending on your needs and traffic, meaning your site is always blazing fast. Depending on your plan you'll be able to have as many environments as you need making it easy to test new features before putting them live.

Built with internationalization in mind, Deity Cloud supports multi-region based on geolocation.

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