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What is Deity Cloud?

Deity Cloud is an infrastructure that allows you to host your Deity Application. The platform will scale automatically based on your needs and traffic, meaning your site is always blazing fast. Depending on your plan you'll be able to have as many environments as you need making it easy to test new features before putting them live.

Built with internationalization in mind, Deity Cloud supports multi-region based on geolocation.

DCloud CLI tool

DCloud is our CLI Too to help you make the most of the Deity Platform and Deity Cloud.

Installing DCloud

Before doing anything you'll need to install our CLI tool on your local machine.

This can be done using npm.

npm i -g dcloud

Logging in

The next step is to log into your Deity Cloud account. If you don't have an account yet, you can request an account here →.

From your terminal window run the login command.

dcloud login:token [token]

After successfull login, you're Ready to rock & roll!

You'll now be able to execute all DCloud commands. Please read the detailed CLI reference for further information.