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Are you curious to see how Deity can help you to quickly create a strong flexibile foundation for your business? Start your Composable Commerce journey today and get access to Deity's Cloud Console. Fill in the form with the required personal details and optionally add a note to provide more information about your Deity powered digital experience project. Your request will be processed by our onboarding team, after which they’ll get in touch with you to help you further and provide you with a personalized offering. Once that is settled, you will be invited to join the project we’ve created for you.

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Joining an existing team

In case you want to join an existing team, which already has a Deity account, your organisation owner or administrators can send you an invitation. You will receive this invitation via email, from which you can accept it and create a new user account.

Accepting your invitation

You will receive an invitation to join your organization via email. Click the link in the email to navigate to the Deity console from which you can create a new user account. You can choose to sign up with either one of the social logins – Google, Microsoft, Github or Bitbucket – or create an account using your email address and password. After successfully doing this, you will be automatically added to your organisation’s projects with the role assigned to you by the person who invited you.

You are now logged in to Deity’s Console. Please fill in your profile details to finish account set-up.

Your profile

Once you’ve completed your sign-up after accepting the invitation, you can log in with your provided credentials or one of the social login methods.

The first time you log in, your profile details need to be completed. To do so, click your email and avatar in the main menu and click on Profile to update your profile details, such as first name and last name.

Organization’s access

You can view the list of organizations you’re member of, and switch to another organization if needed. You’ll then see the list of projects for that organization.