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Key concepts of Payment Orchestrator

Payment Orchestrator (DPSG) is a managed and hosted service that handles interactions between Commerce Composer and payment providers. Next to handling the full payment flow, Payment Orchestrator is also a way to manage the configuration of your payment providers and methods used by your Falcon App.

The benefits of using Payment Orchestrator

Integrate with multiple payment service providers to use any payment method. Customize your customers’ payment flows to match their location and preferences.

Any payment method

Mix and match your preferred payment methods and deploy, manage, customize and optimize them through one platform.

Personalized check-out

The Payment Orchestrator allows you to define rules so that you can personalize the checkout experience based on shopper data such as country, currency and order value.

Your own shop platform

Your composer application has an integration with the payment gateway out of the box, and is compatible with all the supported ecommerce platforms.

How it works

Payments concept

Payment orchestration

Payment Orchestrator is available to all Deity Platform users. It acts as a middleman between payment providers and Commerce Composer.

It exposes various REST API endpoints for doing things like querying payment methods, making payments and storing payment methods.

Alongside this it always exposes a message queue that Commerce Composer subscribes to. This publishes events such as payment updates after refunds.

Check-out experiences

Payment methods

Getting a list of payment methods is a case of using a simple GraphQL query.

Stored payment methods

Offer your customers to store and retrieve their payment methods.

Transaction updates

Payment Orchestrator subscribes to transaction updates where possible.

UI components

Payment Orchestrator comes with UI components for Deity Storefront.


Integration with Commerce Composer

Your Composer application is connected with Payment Orchestrator out of the box.

Payment providers

Connect your payment provider with Commerce Composer and Deity PWA Storefront.

Configuring payment methods

Mix and match your preferred payment methods.


Each payment method can be enabled for only certain currencies.


Each payment method can be enabled for only certain country codes.


Surcharges can be configured to allow you to charge a %, set fee or a mixture of both.

Min / max amount

Each payment method can be enabled for only certain order amounts.

Sort order

The sort order can be configured per method, per environment and per country.