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Upgrading to Payment Orchestrator

Requires Deity Platform v3.0.0 or higher

If you want to use Payment Orchestrator in your Deity app, make sure to use Deity Platform version >= 3.0.0.

If you have existing project based on Falcon Platform v2.x please contact us for the migration guide to upgrade to the latest version.

Payment Orchestrator upgrade guide

Once your Deity app is running v3 the upgrade to Payment Orchestrator is simple.

Client updates

The only real client updates are adding components for newly supported payment providers (additional Stripe methods and Adyen).

To upgrade please use create-falcon-app to do a diff between your version and v3.

See guide here

Server Updates

Unless you've overridden the Payment Orchestrator related methods in your shop API package (get methods, load method, place order etc) all you will need to do is remove old payment config values and define the new ones seen here.